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Tony Hawk Net Worth: California Native, Professional Skateboarder, And Entrepreneur



Tony Hawk, a native of California, stands as a professional skateboarder and entrepreneur with a staggering net worth of $140 million.

Tony Hawk Net Worth: California Native, Professional Skateboarder, And Entrepreneur With a Staggering Presence

Undoubtedly, he holds the title of the most accomplished and highest-earning professional skateboarder in history.

Throughout his career, Tony Hawk amassed tens of millions of dollars through various streams, including endorsements, tournament prizes, appearance fees, and more.

However, a significant contributor to his massive fortune is his namesake video game, which has generated billions in revenue globally.

Tony has consistently received substantial paychecks for decades, even during his teenage years as a skateboarding sensation, earning over $100,000 annually from prizes and sponsorships.

Remarkably, while still in high school, Tony outearned his teachers and, as a senior, purchased a house for his family.

Tony Hawk Net Worth

Net Worth$190 Million
Annual Income$25 Million
Monthly Earnings$1.8 Million
Bitcoin Investments$16 Million
Real Estate Assets$41 Million

Early Life

Tony Hawk, born on May 12, 1968, in San Diego, California, showed an early passion for skateboarding.

Introduced to the sport at the age of eight with a used skateboard from his brother, Hawk’s parents supported his newfound outlet for energy.

Quickly recognized as a gifted skateboarder, he earned his first sponsorship from Dogtown Skateboards at 12 and turned professional at an impressive age of 14.


Joining Powell Peralta‘s professional team at 14, Hawk starred in Bones Brigade videos, proving himself in both street and vert skating.

By 16, he became one of the world’s top skateboarders, dominating competitions for 12 consecutive years.

Hawk’s contributions to the sport include inventing iconic moves like the gymnast plant and the frontside 540-rodeo flip.

In 1999, he made history at the X Games by landing the first-ever successful 900. Hawk’s influence extended beyond skating, contributing to the rise of skateboarding’s popularity.

Endorsements and Appearances

Tony Hawk’s success extended beyond skateboarding. Despite the sport’s fluctuating popularity, Hawk founded Birdhouse and Blitz, thriving in the industry.

His video game series, Tony Hawk Pro Skater, with Activision, became a massive success, grossing over $1.4 billion.

Tony Hawk Net Worth Assets

Vehicles27 Luxury Cars
Real Estate10 Houses & Mansions
Luxury Yachts4
Planes1 Private Jet
Luxury Watches150+
Monthly Spends$1.2 Million
Annual Donations$5 Million

His ventures also include the Boom Boom HuckJam tour, combining music and extreme sports. Hawk’s diverse appearances range from movies like XXX to TV shows like The Simpsons and The Masked Singer.


Hawk’s business acumen extends to investments in Birdhouse Skateboards, Hawk Clothing, and the successful video game series.

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He was an early investor in Blue Bottle Coffee and actively invested in various ventures.


Driven to give back, Hawk founded the Tony Hawk Foundation in 2002, now renamed The Skatepark Project.

The foundation has funded over 596 skatepark projects across the U.S., earning recognition like the Robert Wood Johnson Sports Award in 2015.

Personal Life

Tony Hawk’s personal life involves four marriages and three divorces, with substantial settlements. Currently married to Cathy Goodman, he resides in California with his family, including son Riley, who follows in his skateboarding footsteps.

Tony Hawk’s Bitcoin

A savvy investor, Hawk entered the cryptocurrency world, profiting significantly from Bitcoin while experiencing losses in Dogecoin.

Net Worth Timeline

Tony Hawk Net Worth 2023$190 Million
Tony Hawk Net Worth 2015$145 Million
Tony Hawk Net Worth 2010$72 Million
Tony Hawk Net Worth 2005$41 Million
Tony Hawk Net Worth 2000$20 Million
Tony Hawk Net Worth 1995$8 Million

Tony Hawk’s House

Hawk resides in a luxurious 10-bedroom mansion in California, valued at $34 million, contributing to 25% of his net worth. The mansion boasts various amenities, including a skating ring and a 50-car parking garage.

Tony Hawk’s Investments

Hawk invested $50 million in the stock market, guided by CNBC’s Jim Cramer, with holdings in major companies like Apple, Tesla, and Amazon, contributing to 28% of his net worth.