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Sibongile & The Dlaminis June 2024 Teasers



Sibongile & The Dlaminis June 2024 Teasers: Step into the dramatic world of “Sibongile & the Dlaminis” where every episode unfolds new challenges and revelations.

Sibongile & The Dlaminis June 2024 Teasers

From risky business decisions to intricate personal relationships, the characters navigate a rollercoaster of emotions and decisions that shape their lives.

Sibongile & The Dlaminis June 2024 Teasers Details

NameSibongile & The Dlaminis
Genresoap opera,
May Episodes133 – 144
ChannelMzansi Wethu
Latest releaseMay 2024

Sibongile & The Dlaminis June 2024 Teasers

Monday 3 June 2024

Episode 133

Vusi convinces Sibalukhulu to start the production line, unaware of the risks involved. Meanwhile, Nomalanga discovers that living with Kwenzo comes with unexpected challenges.

Tuesday 4 June 2024

Episode 134

Under pressure, Vusi faces a dilemma to reveal the identity of a secret designer. Kwenzo finds himself in a tight spot as Sokhabase demands clarity on his true intentions, while Deliwe seeks affection from Vuma.

Wednesday 5 June 2024

Episode 135

Deliwe experiences heartbreak when Vuma’s surprising request crushes her newfound happiness. Meanwhile, Nomfundo uncovers Nomalanga’s intricate web of lies.

Monday 10 June 2024

Episode 136

Caught in her deceit, Nomalanga must decide whether to confess to Kwenzo. Deliwe, struggling financially, turns to the Dlaminis for support, and Sis Mavis assists Mkhize in planning a surprise.

Tuesday 11 June 2024

Episode 137

Sibongile embarks on a new journey as a businesswoman. Deliwe faces rejection from Phetheni, while Mkhize continues his efforts to win over his girlfriend.

Wednesday 12 June 2024

Episode 138

Sibongile’s joy turns to sorrow when Velephi plays a deceitful role. Deliwe, tired of wallowing, decides to venture into the dating scene, but Mkhize’s overwhelming advances pose a challenge. Nelisiwe contemplates her future.

Monday 17 June 2024

Episode 139

Kwenzo feels the weight of expectations from Sokhabase. Sibongile celebrates a business success but faces emotional turmoil thanks to Velephi’s actions.

Tuesday 18 June 2024

Episode 140

Vuma witnesses Deliwe’s confrontation with an angry woman, while Nomalanga’s dreams shatter. Mkhize remains resolute in his decisions, unaffected by emotional ties.

Wednesday 19 June 2024

Episode 141

Kwenzo seeks advice from his family about Nomalanga’s unusual behavior, leading to unexpected revelations. Meanwhile, Deliwe and Vuma engage in a confrontation filled with harsh truths.

Monday 24 June 2024

Episode 142

Nomalanga considers leaving Kwenzo due to unresolved feelings. Deliwe faces unavoidable confrontation.

Tuesday 25 June 2024

Episode 143

Nomalanga shares her pregnancy plans with Gcina, while Deliwe refuses to give up on her marriage. Wenzeni hides a troubling letter from school.

Wednesday 26 June 2024

Episode 144

Vuma warns the younger generation about meddling in adult matters. Nomalanga’s plans hit a snag when Kwenzo takes unexpected action. Velephi and Sangweni embark on a mission.

Reminder: Season 2 of “Sibongile & the Dlaminis” premieres on Monday 29 July 2024 at 18h30.

Premiere episodes of “Sibongile & the Dlaminis” air on Mzansi Wethu from Mondays to Wednesdays at 18h30.


Sibongile & The Dlaminis June 2024 Teasers: As “Sibongile & the Dlaminis” continues to captivate viewers, the intertwining stories of love, deceit, and ambition reach new heights.

With each episode, the drama intensifies, promising more twists and turns that keep audiences eagerly awaiting the next installment.

Don’t miss out on the next chapter, airing from Mondays to Wednesdays on Mzansi Wethu at 18h30.

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