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Destined by Fate January 2024 Teasers



Destined by Fate January 2024 Teasers: In the gripping saga unfolding in the small town of Januaryville, tensions rise as Krishna embarks on a relentless quest to save Sayuri, who has mysteriously disappeared.

Destined by Fate January 2024 Teasers

As each day unfolds, the plot thickens, with Rashmi’s manipulations, Saroj’s suspicions, and the shocking revelations about Sayuri’s past.

Join us as we delve into the intense drama and emotional turmoil of each episode, keeping you on the edge of your seat.

Destined by Fate January 2024 Teasers Details

NameDestined by Fate
December Episodes274 – 303
ChannelStar Life
Latest releaseJanuary 2024

Destined by Fate January 2024 Teasers

Monday 1st, January 2024

Episode 274

Krishna’s Quest to Save Sayuri
Krishna refuses to accept Sayuri’s death and goes to Vikrant’s house to find her. Meanwhile, Rashmi instigates Saroj against Sayuri.

Tuesday 2nd, January 2024

Episode 275

Vikrant on Guard
Sayuri waits for Krishna, attempting to distract Vikrant by fulfilling his wishes. However, Vikrant becomes cautious as Krishna searches for Sayuri.

Wednesday 3rd, January 2024

Episode 276

Krishna Discovers a Lead
Rashmi grows anxious, manipulating CCTV footage at the police station. Kuku aids Krishna by providing a clue to rescue Sayuri from Vikrant.

Thursday 4th, January 2024

Episode 277

Hope for Krishna
Rashmi faces fear when confronted by Nakul at the police station. Later, Kuku reveals a sketch, narrating a story about Saachi and Vikrant to Krishna.

Friday 5th, January 2024

Episode 278

Krishna Confronts Sayuri
Using Kuku’s paintings, Krishna discovers a link to find Sayuri. He visits Vikrant’s house, shocked when Sayuri confronts him.

Saturday 6th, January 2024

Episode 279

Krishna’s Race to Save Sayuri
Krishna hurries to rescue Sayuri as Vikrant takes her away. Later, Krishna faces devastation when Sayuri and Vikrant meet a terrible accident.

Sunday 7th, January 2024

Episode 280

Destined by Fate January 2024 Teasers

Rashmi’s Villainous Move
The Choudharys become emotional as Krishna brings Sayuri home. Rashmi grows anxious, attempting to kill Sayuri to hide her crime.

Monday 8th, January 2024

Episode 281

Rashmi Trembles in Fear
Krishna comforts the agitated Sayuri. Rashmi is frightened when Sayuri reveals her past misdeeds to the family.

Tuesday 9th, January 2024

Episode 282

Saroj Questions Sayuri
Sayuri is glad to reunite with the Choudharys. Saroj questions Sayuri about her past intimacy with Vikrant.

Wednesday 10th, January 2024

Episode 283

Sayuri Investigates Rashmi
Sayuri pushes Rashmi down the stairs, interrogating her about her heinous acts. Saroj informs Krishna about Sayuri and Vikrant’s relationship.

Thursday 11th, January 2024

Episode 284

Sayuri’s Frightening Encounter
Sayuri and Krishna share a dance, but she gets terrified upon seeing Vikrant and faints.

Friday 12th, January 2024

Episode 285

Saroj Grows Suspicious
Rashmi seeks forgiveness from Sayuri, fearing exposure. Saroj becomes restless, urging Krishna to perform a DNA test.

Saturday 13th, January 2024

Episode 286

Saroj’s Burning Questions
Sayuri agrees to answer Saroj’s questions about Mittu’s birth, but Krishna intervenes and apologizes to Sayuri.

Sunday 14th, January 2024

Episode 287

Sayuri Trembles in Fear
Saroj collects Krishna’s DNA sample for testing. Sayuri becomes restless upon seeing Vikrant late at night.

Monday 15th, January 2024

Episode 288

Destined by Fate January 2024 Teasers

Nakul Takes a Stand
Nakul supports Mittu against Saroj’s DNA testing plan. Sayuri receives a shocking phone call, heightening the tension.

Tuesday 16th, January 2024

Episode 289

A Shocking Encounter for Sayuri
Sayuri panics when a masked hawker asks about Mittu and Kuku. She faces a nervous breakdown when Vikrant suddenly appears.

Wednesday 17th, January 2024

Episode 290

Sayuri’s Drastic Decision
Sayuri decides to go to a mental care center. Krishna and Nakul plan to catch the person scaring Sayuri.

Thursday 18th, January 2024

Episode 291

Indrani Confronts Saroj
Indrani questions Saroj about sending Sayuri to a mental care center. Krishna exposes the mask seller scaring Sayuri.

Friday 19th, January 2024

Episode 292

Rashmi’s Exposure
As the attacker accuses Rashmi, she denies it. Sayuri vents her anger at Rashmi, revealing her past misdeeds.

Saturday 20th, January 2024

Episode 293

Nakul’s Disappointment
Nakul remains upset with Rashmi’s behavior and turns to alcohol. The Choudharys worry about his restless condition.

Sunday 21st, January 2024

Episode 294

Nakul’s Struggles Continue
Nakul remains disappointed at Rashmi’s behavior and continues to struggle. The Choudharys are concerned about his well-being.

Monday 22nd, January 2024

Episode 295

Sayuri and Krishna in Peril
Rashmi pleads with Nakul for a last chance. Sayuri and Krishna face trouble after an encounter with Chaman.

Tuesday 23rd, January 2024

Episode 296

Saroj’s Unexpected Actions
Furious, Saroj reveals her hidden hatred towards the Sharmas. Sayuri and Krishna find Chaman in their car’s boot.

Wednesday 24th, January 2024

Episode 297

Chaman’s Successful Infiltration
Chaman Bahar successfully enters the Choudhary house. Saroj worries about Krishna and Sayuri’s decision to keep Chaman in their house.

Thursday 25th, January 2024

Episode 298

Chaman Meets Nakul
Chaman dreams of a happy life with Krishna. However, she worries when Nakul encounters her in the Choudhary house.

Friday 26th, January 2024

Episode 299

Saroj Loses Her Cool
Coincidentally, Sayuri and Krishna choose the same name for their baby. Saroj condemns Sayuri as she attempts to read the medical report.

Saturday 27th, January 2024

Episode 300

Krishna’s Bold Decision
Krishna takes a firm stand for Mittu and sets a shocking condition for Saroj. Sayuri grows suspicious as she overhears Chaman talking on the phone.

Sunday 28th, January 2024

Episode 301

Chaman’s Fabrication
Nakul confronts Chaman, who fabricates a lie to escape. Sayuri resolves to find another place for Chaman to stay.

Monday 29th, January 2024

Episode 302

Nakul’s Doubts
Nakul shares his suspicions about Chaman’s intentions with Sayuri. Later, Sayuri receives a call from the police station.

Tuesday 30th, January 2024

Episode 303

Sayuri Presents Evidence
Chaman acts strangely in front of Mittu.


Destined by Fate January 2024 Teasers: As we reach the end of January’s tumultuous journey, the town is left reeling from the shocking events that transpired.

Sayuri’s struggles, Krishna’s determination, and the family’s internal strife have left an indelible mark. With Chaman’s mysterious arrival, Nakul’s suspicions, and the looming specter of the past, the stage is set for further revelations and confrontations in February.

Stay tuned as the intricate web of relationships and secrets continues to unravel in the next chapter of this riveting tale.

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